We recently raised funds from our abutters to pay for a chemical weed eradication program which began in April of this year and ran through August. The donations to fund this were voluntary, and a staggering 75% -plus of our abutters as well as 100% of our Officers and Directors made the suggested $650 fair share contribution, with several contributing $1000 or more. We are truly grateful to those who supported us in this critical and successful effort and we would like to recognize them all here by listing their names. Thank you all!

Contributors of $1,000 or more

Glenn and Ruth Jackson
Ann and Jim McGrath
Vilis and Linda Pasts
Chris and Kristy Retos
John Roche

Fair share $650 Contributors

Murray Beach
Douglas and Jane Burchesky
David and Christine Burke
Leo and Julie Cesareo
Kate Stonefoot and Henry Chiu
Donna Eden Cohen
Steve and Nancy Corcoran
Gary and April Dayton
Daniel and Elizabeth Dennehy
Mark R. and Lynne E. Dixon
Linda Wood and Peter Fargo
John and Erica Ferrari
Francesca Mueller and John Gerber
John and Paula Glossa
Jay and Sherri Guidone
Rudite L. Jansons
Michael and Marilyn Kent
Kimberly and Kristopher Knight
George and Joan Kornack
Laura Brennan and Ken Kreisen
Regina Lafontaine
Ron and Anita Lestan
Dan and Anne Maneikis
Lynn Hamlin and Tom Maxwell
Marc and Susan Maynard
James J. and Sheila M. McCabe
Virginia Millo
Gerard and Steve O’Neill
Dan and Janet O’Connell
Roger and Anne Oginski
Deborah C. Watson and Mathew J. Papianou
David Parkinson
Al Priore
Jill Scirpo and Jeremy Ritzenberg
Daniel and Lucy Robin
William T. and Janet R. Rock
Lisa and Craig Rodia
Neal A. Romanelli
Al and Barbara Rossi
James and Susan Sheehan
Mike and Karin Silva
Richard H. and Cathleen Sonnenberg
Sharon Spence
David J. Starling
Tom and Maureen Stazinski
Jeffrey M. and Linda R. Stoler
Peter J. Sullivan
Robert and Joan Walsh
Jennifer and Jeffrey Zonderman