Owner Information

This section serves as a repository of important documents that prospective and new Pond home owners should know about our Pond. For existing homeowners and others who have an interest in how we manage the Pond, they should also serve as a good reference resource. For all, it is important to understand our fee structure which provides the revenue necessary to manage this private pond.

 Working together, our Pond home owners (who we call “abutters” since their property lies adjacent to the Pond) have built a community based upon largely shared interests.  We are dedicated to preserving our special shared natural resources, yet recognize and encourage the active recreational use of the Pond and its waters.  Over decades, we have built a proven track record of successfully balancing these two somewhat divergent interests.  Central to preserving this balance are various common-sense rules and regulations that mutually protect all of our interests and that ensure that our balance between nature and use is preserved for generations to come.   Of note, these rules and regulations have evolved bottoms-up from our active and engaged membership over the last several decades of collective experience.

Willett Pond is privately held by Neponset River Landholding Association (a charitable 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to maintaining it). Landholding, as it is known, leases use rights to our organization (Willett Pond Charitable and Protective Association, better known as WPCPA or just The Friends of Willett Pond) and we in turn issue subleases to each individual abutter. This means that no abutter may use the Pond or its shores without signing and paying for a sublease (though any person may use two public access points for limited and passive purposes like canoeing but not swimming).  Please note that in most but not all cases, the shoreline adjacent to the Pond is ALSO owned by Landholding and not by individual homeowners, and without a signed and paid sublease homeowners may not enter or alter these shorelines. When a new homeowner signs and pays for the lease, they are then entitled to the multitude of benefits and mutual protections it provides.  Note that all fees associated with the lease are used for- -and only for- – Pond maintenance and improvement as our homeowners are the principal revenue source to maintain the Pond as a private entity. 

The attached documents below should prove helpful to you in understating both the use benefits and mutually protective common-sense restrictions (for example, a prohibition on jet skis) that ensure the viability of our shared community.

Our Board members stand ready to endure any questions you may have.  For new buyers, we look forward to welcoming you to the Pond personally.