Use Regulations

Rules Governing the Use of Willett Pond  

Rules document for download and print:  Rules Governing the Use of Willett Pond

1.  Only licensees, members of their immediate family supervised guests are allowed swimming, boating and fishing privileges. Licensees assume full responsibility for the conduct of their families and guests.

2. All boats shall be marked on each side with the applicable NRLHA license number and a current boat sticker.

3. Everyone operating a boat on the pond must carry a current copy of the Rules Governing the Use of Willett Pond

4. All boats, their operators and anyone fishing shall fully comply with any local state or federal rules or regulations regarding licensing, registration, safety equipment, alcohol consumption, safe operation, or other matters.

5. Everyone using the pond must fully and immediately cooperate with any instructions from a member of the Willett Pond Safety Patrol, or law enforcement officials. Any disagreements may be referred to the WPOC for resolution afterward.

6. No boat exceeding eighteen (18) feet in length overall, and no motor more powerful than 135 horsepower shall be operated on the pond. These generous size limits are to accommodate owners who use their boats elsewhere, but smaller boats, smaller engines and cleaner, quieter four stroke engines are strongly recommended.

7. The following are prohibited from the pond:

a.  Jet skis, jet boats, hovercraft, hydroplane racers, airboats, parasails and other non-commercial boats.

b.  Motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles.

8.   The following areas are no wake “courtesy” zones. Powerboats shall operate at no more than 5 miles per hour in these areas and water skiing is prohibited.  Also see map:

a.  Within 150 feet of fishing, row or sail boats.

b.  Within 150 feet of the shore, beaches, docks or swimmers.

c.  Between Fox Island and the shore.

d.  In the Fish and Game cove and Pettee’s Pond.

e.  Amongst the small islands on the west shore.

f.  In the extreme southeast cover.

9. The only exception to the speed limit in the “courtesy” zones is when initiating water skiing from the licensee’s own dock where such high speeds would not disrupt the shore, other docks, other boats, wildlife or swimmers.10.  The speed of powerboats must be reasonable for the circumstances at all times, and shall never exceed 30 miles per hour during daylight.

11.  At dusk, dawn or after dark, the maximum speed limit is 5 miles per hour, and water skiing is prohibited. Since sound carries over the pond, especially at night, noise must be kept to a low conversational level. All boats on the water at night must display running lights.

12.  Basic courtesy and consideration must be observed at all times and all boaters must keep a respectful distance from the property of others.

13.  Disturbing, harassing or injuring any wildlife, in any way is strictly forbidden.

Rules Governing the Use of Fox Island

1.  Water skiing is prohibited between Fox Island and the mainland. Only the north side of the Island may be used for takeoff and landing.

2. The Island must be kept clean. When you leave, remove all refuse, including any you may find during your visit.

3. The Island is an important wildlife habitat and must not become a nuisance spot. The Island is not to be used after sunset or 9:00PM, whichever comes first. No use is allowed which would disturb wildlife.

4. No campfires are allowed on Fox Island or any other land owned by NRLHA at any time.

Enforcement of the Rules

In the event that a license holder, their family member or their guest violates these rules, the NRLHA shall take appropriate sanctions up to and including permanent revocation of the license.

Map of Willett Pond – Safety Areas


Safety Areas – Restricted area for motor boats and water skiing